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HR Analytics

In today's volatile business environment, being nimble is a strategic advantage.

With the right analytics tools in place, your Human Resources Team can make contextual and actionable predictions. HGS, with its vast experience in handling the HR administration tasks of various organizations, can make your HR data talk to you. We can take multiple, relevant datasets and business rules into account, and then use statistical techniques to make 'what is', 'what will be' and 'what if' analyses.

HGS HR Analytics Service offers the following exclusive benefits:

  • A complete array of metrics and dimensional attributes to choose from
  • Insights into the motivators/de-motivators for top/bottom performers
  • Design of equitable and consistent compensation across roles
  • Ability to develop 'what if' scenarios with a series of alternatives
  • Predictive models to anticipate and invalidate unpleasant developments
  • Root Cause Analysis to identify, quantify, and rank the drivers for attrition
  • Seamless integration with the HR processes of the client

Why Us?

We can consolidate high quality HR data ( residing with a multitude of systems, such as the HRMS, Performance Management, Learning , Compensation , Surveys, etc..) and can use it effectively to predict workforce trends , minimise risks and maximise returns.

The cost of attrition, poor hiring, sub-optimal compensation, keeping below par employees, bad training and learning strategies are too high and our reports and analytics would assist organisations in taking the right decisions in a timely manner.

Data driven insights to make decisions are always better than judgemental ( subjective ) HR practices in terms of how to recruit , whom to hire , how to onboard and train employees , how they keep employees informed and engaged through their tenure with the organisation.

Hence regular tracking and prediction of crucial HR metrics is indispensable.

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. Taking just minutes to learn, the automatic associations of our tool creates endless possibilities for making ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies, as is typical in other data analysis tools.

Our analytics tool promotes unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make time-saving and accurate decisions.

It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward.